U R B A N   H E D O N I S T
The Modern Sense of Parisian Mood

Made in France

T H E   T E X T I L E   F I B E R
 P L E A S U R E S   I N   H E R I T A G E

From the XIXth to the XXIst century, still the passion of creativity

Coming from a long family line of textile business owners in the north of France,
WATTINNE PARIS is carrying on the tradition of high requirement and excellency that built its famous elders success to transpose it in today's fashion



Louis-Joseph Xavier Wattinne (1785 - 1840),
an important merchant and wool trader,
started his first business with worldwide success

- - -


Joseph Pollet (1806 – 1879), ancestor of today’s WATTINNE’s CEO,
set up a woollen mill in Roubaix. His descendants turned to retail
and became pioneers in the french mail-order business: La Redoute

- - -


Louis-Joseph Wattinne, son of Louis-Joseph Xavier,
set up another wollen mill Filature Wattinne-Bossut (see photo).
600 employees spinned up to 20 tons a day of cotton yarn

- - -


Jean Eugène Prouvost (1885 - 1978),
a media mogul (Paris Match, Le Figaro, Marie Claire…)
and another successful ancestor, created Les Lainières de Roubaix,
a company producing for Rodier, Korrigan etc.
and will sell through the well-known company Provost-Masurel,
the brand Lacoste for Devanlay in 1961

- - -


Maurice Glorieux, grand-father of today’s WATTINNE CEO,
bought a weaving company from the Seillière family in Moselle
and set up S.A des Usines Glorieux et de Pierrepont.
He opened a second plant in Mazamet

- - -


Roger Glorieux, son of Maurice, moved to Milan
with his wife Denise Wattinne and his children
to take in charge the finance department of Avagolf,
a well-known women’s ready-to-wear brand

- - -


Randry Glorieux - Wattinne creates WATTINNE PARIS,
accessible luxury fashion house devoted to the hedonistic men
keen on refined, contemporary and authentic clothes